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Lefebvre - Isola del Liri

A Journey through Gastronomy and History

The Lefebvre Restaurant, located in the historic town of Isola del Liri, offers a culinary experience immersed in a context rich with history and charm. Born within the former Fibreno Paper Mill, a gem of the nineteenth-century paper industry funded by Carlo Lefebvre, the restaurant maintains the legacy of an era when the “continuous machine” revolutionized paper production, contributing to the spread of written culture. Our location, once the beating heart of industrial innovation and known as the “Little Paris” for its enchantment, today reinvents itself as an exclusive dining space, where ancient departments and machinery blend with modern elegance and comfort. This unique place, where the history of an industrial revolution led by visionary entrepreneurs is palpable, offers the perfect backdrop for your special events, from romantic dinners to grand banquets, ensuring an unforgettable experience in an atmosphere that combines past and present.

Past and Present

Our history becomes the ideal setting for your every event.

Industrial History

Industrial History

The transformation of the former Fibreno Paper Mill into the Lefebvre Restaurant is a journey through time, where industrial history intertwines with the culinary art. Founded in 1812 and later acquired by Carlo Lefebvre, the site played a crucial role in the development of paper production with the introduction of the continuous machine. This transition marked the beginning of a new era for paper, facilitating the spread of books and newspapers and profoundly influencing culture and information. Today, guests of the Lefebvre Restaurant can admire the preservation of this heritage, exploring spaces where ancient machinery harmonizes with refined architecture, creating a unique environment to taste our excellent cuisine.

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Little Paris

Little Paris

The area around the Lefebvre Restaurant, once the thriving heart of the paper industry, was known as the “Little Paris” for its beauty and charm, attractive to illustrious visitors from around the world. The luxurious residences of the owners, surrounded by lush gardens, fountains, and majestic trees, contributed to creating a magical atmosphere, rich in culture and history. This legacy lives on today in the Lefebvre Restaurant, where the splendor of the past merges with a passion for gastronomy. By hosting your event with us, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a timeless atmosphere, making every occasion even more special. You will be celebrating not only a significant event in your life but also the rich cultural heritage of Isola del Liri.

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